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ELAICH - Educational Linkage Approach in Cultural Heritage

Introduction to the eLAICH - Educational Toolkit


ELAICH and its aim


Description - ELAICH - What is it about?
ELAICH – Educational Linkage Approach In Cultural Heritage – was formulated during the European project under the same name, which resulted in the development of the eLAICH Educational Toolkit.
ELAICH is about connecting young people to their cultural heritage.
It is about understanding our role as humans in the cycle of creation-deterioration-conservation. It is about learning to appreciate the importance of cultural heritage.
ELAICH students address their immediate heritage through an interdisciplinary approach, benefiting the preservation of the built history around us, contributing to the community and the wider world. The ELAICH project, part of the Euromed Heritage 4 Programme, contributes to the development of awareness and appreciation of cultural heritage.
Join us in a journey into your cultural heritage. Join ELAICH.
Objectives - ELAICH – what is it for?
The overall objective of the ELAICH project is to contribute to raising awareness of youth of the importance of cultural heritage and its preservation. In order to achieve this objective, the eLAICH Educational Toolkit is focused on enabling eLAICH students, by the completion of the eLAICH learning process, to acquire the basic knowledge and develop basic understanding of the following:
  • values of cultural heritage (historic buildings and sites) and their complex equilibrium;
  • principal causes and types of physical deterioration of cultural heritage, and the dangers it is subject to, including the impact of the environment;
  • main principles and techniques of studying historic buildings and sites, investigating and diagnosing their deterioration;
  • main principles, processes, materials and technologies of conservation of cultural heritage;
  • meaning, importance and basic methods of preventing deterioration of cultural heritage, and its monitoring; and careful use of cultural heritage.
Learning by means of the eLAICH Educational Toolkit will help students to develop an accurate and careful approach towards cultural heritage preservation, and to be helpful in collecting data on and alerting the appropriate authorities about deterioration of cultural heritage.
Target audience - ELAICH – whom is it for?
ELAICH is intended for groups of high school students with their teacher. No previous knowledge in cultural heritage or its preservation is required from the students or from the teacher.



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ELAICH VIDEO 1 - about the ELAICH Project - aims and actual teaching (November 2011)

ELAICH VIDEO 2 - ELAICH Educational Toolkit - methodology and an example of on-line application of the ELAICH Toolkit: from “intangible” e-learning (web) site – to “tangible” historic site (January 2012)