ELAICH is about connecting young people to their cultural heritage.
         It is about understanding our role as humans in the cycle of creation-deterioration-
         conservation.It is about learning to appreciate the importance of cultural heritage.
         ELAICH participants address their immediate heritage with scientific and technological
         methods,benefiting the preservation of the built history around us, contributing to the
         community and the wider world.The ELAICH project, part of Euromed Heritage 4
         Programme, contributes to the development of awareness and appreciation of cultural
         Join us in a journey into your cultural heritage. Join ELAICH.
         Click HERE for ELAICH Project Description
        The ELAICH project will contribute to RAISING AWARENESS OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
        by providing modern and innovative tools for teaching its essence to the general public,
        especially youth.


        ELAICH is a 3-year EU-funded project (2009-2012) with the goal of RAISING AWARENESS
        OF CULTURAL HERITAGE among the general public, and especially youth. For this purpose
        a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of specialists in various areas of cultural heritage 
        conservation and education from five highly-rated universities, has developed an innovative
        educational approach.Alongside traditional course materials the ELAICH course will use
        modern e-learning applications and include a substantial component of on-site work. The
        on-site work (“intellectual in-situ work”) will focus on the study of selected built heritage
        site/s and will include documentation and those  investigations required to ensure the
        preservation of the site/s.

       During the development stage of the project, the ELAICH partners teach courses designated
       for the general public, including high school students examining the teaching methods they
       have developed. The first ELAICH course was held in Athens, Greece from  November 2009
       to February 2010 and was very successful. Read more about it HERE; more courses will
       follow, and will take place in Egypt,Israel,  Italy, Jordan, Malta, and Turkey. Read more about
       them HERE.

       To sustain the achievements of the project, an E-Learning application is being developed.
       Through this application a flexible system of courses is provided, suitable for students with
       their teachers. Using advanced media tools, this platform brings sophisticated  scientific and
       conservation-related knowledge to the general public. It provides a virtua environment for
       intercultural dialogue, based on the Mediterranean cultural heritage, and at  the same time
       it provides guidelines for teachers in the real historic site.