History & background
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In recent decades conservation of cultural heritage—including documentation, research and practice-has undergone impressive developments. However, the general public still lacks awareness of Cultural Heritage and the importance of its conservation. Thus, Cultural Heritage is not as appreciated as it should have been, and it does not always get sufficient attention and the needed budget. The ELAICH project, part of Euromed Heritage IV will contribute to the development of awareness of and appreciation for cultural heritage. 

Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Basin, cradle of modern western civilization, is rich in historic monuments, many of which belong to civilizations that are long gone. Each of these monuments has a story to tell. Many of these monuments are in need of preservation and conservation. Without intervention, these historic monuments could vanish, just as the civilizations that created them did. Restoring the connection of the public in general and youth in particular to their (local) cultural heritage sites and their monuments will contribute to an understanding of the importance of cultural heritage.